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Skin Injectables: Cosmetic and Medical Benefits

Skin injectables offer the benefits of more invasive treatments without long-term recovery.  While the basic concept of skin injectables has been around for decades, the variety in intensity, ingredients, and brands has exploded.  We offer the best injectables on the market, from products like Botox and Dysport to PRP and PRF.

Our expert nursing staff perform these rejuvenating skin treatments in our integrative health clinic.

Hormones Replacement Therapy

Over the span of your life, you’ve likely experienced hormone changes that felt normal, but perhaps now your hormonal changes feel out of control. Maybe you aren’t sleeping, you experience mood swings, you have low energy, you can’t lose weight, you feel mentally cloudy or you have muscle and joint pain.

Any one of these symptoms alone are exhausting on their own, but combine them and many people find managing their body’s responses to hormone fluctuations more than they can handle.

Utah Medical Cards

Learn how you can use our resources to applying to get your Utah medical card.

I just can't believe I didn't contact the Utah Medical Clinic sooner. Their products and solutions were exactly what I needed for my ailments.

Robert JohnsonFather

What Our Customers Are Saying

The Staff at the Utah Medical Cannabis Card Clinic do an exceptional job at making you feel at ease with the entire process. If you’re having issues with the EVS, Utah ID, or any of the hoops you need to jump through for a medical cannabis card, they’re there to help you through it. I’ll definitely be recommending this clinic to anyone who needs a Medical Card!


I had such a great experience when going to get my card approved! Immediately I was welcomed and it didn’t take long to get taken back for my appointment. The appointment was professional and very informative. All the staff were genuine towards the patients. 10/10 would recommend going here!!!

Molly Aguayo

All of my questions were answered and an appt was set for next week

E Romeo

I'll definitely be referring people

John White

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