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Skin injectables offer the benefits of more invasive treatments without long-term recovery.  While the basic concept of skin injectables has been around for decades, the variety in intensity, ingredients, and brands has exploded.  We offer the best injectables on the market, from products like Botox and Dysport to PRP and PRF.

Our expert nursing staff perform these rejuvenating skin treatments in our integrative health clinic.  Injectable skin treatments not only have cosmetic benefits, but they can help with medical conditions. Botox offers migraine relief, as well as excessive sweating, lazy eyes, and even overactive bladders.  PRP and PRF are used in pain management and tissue regeneration.


Platelet-Rich Fibrin is platelet therapy that uses your body’s own platelets, making it 100% natural.  This treatment offers longer-lasting anti-aging benefits using a high concentration of platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells. And while we love the anti-aging benefits of PRF, the medical benefits make this treatment incredible.

 PRF helps with healing after surgery, dental work, or injury.  It helps the body use its own platelets to help speed up your healing time. You can feel and look great naturally. PRF also helps with tendonitis, arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle or tendon injuries. Try this revolutionary, natural treatment for its cosmetic and healing benefits by contacting us.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections offer cosmetic benefits like treatment for hair loss and wrinkle reduction.  Cosmetic benefits aside, this revolutionary treatment has multiple uses for treating medical conditions like tendinitis, arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle or tendon injuries.  This minimally invasive, natural treatment uses the growth factors in platelets to help restore and heal the body, making it a great fit for anyone with chronic pain.  PRP can give you relief from that old golf injury or the carpal tunnel in your wrists and hands.

 Imagine what your life could be like without those injuries causing your suffering. You don’t have to live in a painful body, we can help make a plan to get you back living life to the fullest.

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I had such a great experience when going to get my card approved! Immediately I was welcomed and it didn’t take long to get taken back for my appointment. The appointment was professional and very informative. All the staff were genuine towards the patients. 10/10 would recommend going here!!!

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